Better Days

Better Days

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the story_karren

First Book, First Blood

When I decided to finally write a book, The Lost Chronicles of Eden: Champions wasn’t what I had in mind. At the time, I knew the kinds of books that ...



When we decide to learn new things We must come into it empty Ignorant but hungry for learning Eager but humble for instruction We fumble, we grapple in the dark ...


The Sorrows and Triumphs of Writing

Writing a book is never easy. It’s probably the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. You will lose much and you will suffer greatly. There would be ...


I Must Remember to Forget

“I must always remember to forget. Otherwise, this heart that has learned to displace all thoughts of you will once again gather the memories, collecting them in one powerful sweep ...



Those dreams will one day become a reality. So push harder. Do better. Run faster. Be stronger. Share the post "KEEP PUSHING"

Champions (The Lost Chronicles of Eden, #1)

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Fight Your Inner Demons by mcrcrazyfan

The Deadliest Kind

“There are demons within. And they’re the deadliest kind.” Solomon Del’Cielo, Alpha Guardian Share the post "The Deadliest Kind"


The Catholic Goth

There is a reason why no one dared to come near me in a crowded bus. Black eyeliner, black choker with luminiscent Benedictine cross, thick black leather band (bracelet) with ...

Epic Battle

The Summons (Chapter 1 Scrapped Version)

Solenn was on her eleventh demon when she received the Summons. The air shifted as a translucent image of the three glass towers that loomed in the heart of the ...