I'M Karren Renz Seña

Author of Champions, Writing Coach

I write beautiful words, and I teach people how to write them.

I wrote the book "Champions" and now I'm writing "Heroes", the second book in the series.


A. You have been conned.
B. You have been diverted via a sponsored Facebook AD
C. You want to know who this virtual interloper is.
D. You want to know how to write, but writing courses are expensive, so you'll settle with anything this author comes up with.
E. You've bought/stolen/conned a friend into giving you "Champions" and YOU LOVE IT. (I love you, too!)

Whatever the reason for your presence in this website... Welcome, and I love you!

Now let's pretend that it is not I who speaks in this page...

Karren is the author of the bestselling young adult series, "The Lost Chronicles of Eden". The first book, "Champions", has been making waves since its launch last September 2014 at the Manila International Book Fair.

Karren is also a writer, an accessible publishing specialist, a teacher, a speaker, and a writing coach. She shares her experiences on writing, as well as the techniques, tips, styles, and lessons she has learned in studying Literature and Creative Writing for more than 10 years.

Karren gives motivational talks and/or creative, editorial and business writing seminars to school groups, literary and journalism organizations, corporate groups, conventions, and many more. Here are her main topics:
— Creative Writing
— Journalisting Writing
— Blogging
— Building Your Author Platform
— How to Write and Publish a Book
— Writing for Magazines
— Fiction Writing
— Poetry Writing
— Creative Reading
— Writing for Healing
— Basics of Writing / Creative Writing
— Many others

To invite her to speak to your group, or to schedule a consultation on book mentoring and/or creative writing, drop her an inquiry at karrenrenzsena@gmail.com.

To just chat and disrupt her already-sporadic and disorganized life (she'd entertain you, really), you can email her, as well. She loves receiving emails from friends, old and new!

  • Name: Karren Renz Seña
  • Email: karrenrenzsena@gmail.com
  • Phone: +639 17 --- ----
  • Date of Birth: 10 Oct 1985
  • Address: Metro Manila, Philippines
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Karren Renz Seña

Shepherd's Voice Publications, Inc.Digital Business Operations Department Manager

2013 - 2017

Karren Renz Seña

University of Santo TomasInstructor

2010 - 2012

Instructor for World Literature, Asian Literature, Philippine Literature, Humanities, World Cultures, and English

Karren Renz Seña

RENZ Haute CoutureMarketing Manager

2003 - 2013

Brews and implements super awesome marketing strategies for high-fashion corporate wear line.

About Diplomas

Trolled my way to finishing strong — cum laude. Best days of my life.

About Diplomas

I've always wanted to move — move myself, move others, move the world. I've always known my tool — words, spoken and written. I never imagined that one day, I will be standing in front of thousands, touching lives, refueling passions, and nurturing dreams.

About Diplomas

I stand on stage and I see the lights, but my eyes are closed, my heart heavenward.

About Diplomas

Author of "Champions", a gripping, fast-selling young adult fantasy novel set in a world hidden that cradles the Garden of Eden.

About Diplomas

Sit down with her for half an hour and you'll go home with years' worth of education and training in Literature, Arts, and Creative Writing.