Becoming Champions


I would like to believe that every one of us has, at some point in our lives, dreamt of becoming heroes. You know, somebody greater. Somebody better. Somebody more than ...



I never believed the bull they say about things getting easier when you admit your feelings. That’s crap. When you admit your feelings, you start digging your own grave. You ...

On Courage


I was sorting through the files and folders of my laptop when I came across this question I asked the kids a few years ago. I remember saying and asking this ...

Don’t Quit


“Don’t quit,”  they always say, as if it were the easiest advice to follow, as if it were the easiest thing to do—or not do. “Don’t give up. Go on. Fight harder,” they cheer, ...

Some Days: A Memo to the Tired, the Weary, the Exhausted


Some days, you just want to give up, yeah? Some days, you’re all fired up and ready to take on the world, and some days you just want to curl up ...

Better Days

Better Days

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First Book, First Blood

the story_karren

When I decided to finally write a book, The Lost Chronicles of Eden: Champions wasn’t what I had in mind. At the time, I knew the kinds of books that ...



When we decide to learn new things We must come into it empty Ignorant but hungry for learning Eager but humble for instruction We fumble, we grapple in the dark ...



Those dreams will one day become a reality. So push harder. Do better. Run faster. Be stronger. Share the post "KEEP PUSHING"

The Deadliest Kind

Fight Your Inner Demons by mcrcrazyfan

“There are demons within. And they’re the deadliest kind.” Solomon Del’Cielo, Alpha Guardian Share the post "The Deadliest Kind"

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