The Catholic Goth


There is a reason why no one dared to come near me in a crowded bus. Black eyeliner, black choker with luminiscent Benedictine cross, thick black leather band (bracelet) with ...

The Parable of the Saba and the 1000 Books


THE PARABLE OF THE SABA and the THOUSAND BOOKS (But there is no parable at all) (repost because the first one sucked)   Today wasn’t good. To start with, I ...

Becoming Champions

small steps of sunrise by alex indigo

I’m not a Champion. Far from it, actually. Many people think I’m one, because I’ve written a book entitled Champions, and I’ve been going around making Champions, recruiting people to ...

On Chasing Muses

Mommy Im Bored by jinterwas

I chose that title, if for no other reason than, ‘It sounds badass’. Right now this post doesn’t mean crap, but someday, I’ll go back to this place and moment, ...

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