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I AM KARREN. I write beautiful words, and I teach people how to write them. I wrote the book "Champions" and now I'm writing "Heroes", the se



Those dreams will one day become a reality. So push harder. Do better. Run...

Champions (The Lost Chronicles of Eden, #1)

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The Deadliest Kind

Fight Your Inner Demons by mcrcrazyfan

“There are demons within. And they’re the deadliest kind.” Solomon Del’Cielo, Alpha Guardian Share...

The Catholic Goth


There is a reason why no one dared to come near me in a...

The Summons (Chapter 1 Scrapped Version)

Epic Battle

Solenn was on her eleventh demon when she received the Summons. The air shifted...

Of Things Visible and Invisible, and the Beginning of the End


There’s a demon beside you right now. No, really. I mean it. You may...

The Parable of the Saba and the 1000 Books


THE PARABLE OF THE SABA and the THOUSAND BOOKS (But there is no parable...

Becoming Champions

small steps of sunrise by alex indigo

I’m not a Champion. Far from it, actually. Many people think I’m one, because...

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