It was the 10th of October, a year before the downfall of the era of dictatorship. The sky was overcast with dark clouds. The streets were clamoring for freedom. 25 years of dictatorship had finally taken its toll on the nation. But inside the womb of a common woman, a baby, destined to do... stuff... clamored for her own freedom. She wanted to break free from the...


Simply put, she's been writing stories and weird stuff since kindergarten. But she wanted to be an astronaut. Senior year came, and it was time for her to submit her college application. She wanted to get rich and she loved kids, so she signed up in Nursing as a pre-med course, but her mother slammed her dreams.

"You've been writing since you were a kid! There's no way you want to become a doctor. There's no way you could become a doctor. You'd probably accidentally kill your first patient."

Because mothers know best, she enrolled in her second choice: Literature. She's been studying in the field since. She graduated cum laude, with an extra honor for Best Thesis, which would probably be a mouthful to type. Three years after graduating, she took up her Master's Degree in Comparative Literature, but up until now, she still hasn't finished her MA yet. She's hiding from her thesis adviser and the Grad School Office. She's a bit psycho like that.

She has also taught Literature, Humanities, and English here and there (read: University of Sto. Tomas), and has probably polluted the minds of young men and women, but, oh well.

Anyway. Karren has written—and still writes—for several local publications, such as the Kerygma Magazine, FiSH Magazine.

Recently, she has published a serialized adventure fiction called "Becoming Champions" in FiSH Magazine. The storyline acts as the backstory for her upcoming series, "The Lost Chronicles of Eden".

She still works as a freelance writer, but because she spends most of her free time churning out random kick-assery and awesomeness for her own books, she has focused on accepting freelance editing projects, instead. If you need her to write something, though, like, you know, stuff... blast her an email at


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From Conception to Creation: The Book Mentorship and Consultancy Program
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