Becoming Champions

I’m not a Champion. Far from it, actually.

Many people think I’m one, because I’ve written a book entitled Champions, and I’ve been going around making Champions, recruiting people to be the Champions they were meant to be, but seriously, I’m far from it.

Like, for example, if you’ve done something to me, chances are I’d let you get away with it with a smile, but in my mind I’d have probably maimed you a thousand times (take note: this is me mellowing down, because maimed instead of killed). I still bully people—not much anymore, but I still do. Momma says I still have to work on my default face, which is a scowl that says, “I eat dreams, unicorns, and other happy things for breakfast.”

Another thing is that I’m a huge troll. Like, totally. People think I’m this super awesome, super committed, super hardworking person, (and yes, I am, most of the time), but come weekend and clock-out, I’m a bonafide, certified, one hundred percent troll. Sure, lots of people say I deserve to rest and just do nothing, but seriously, almost all my rest time are all on borrowed moments because I still have lots of things to do.

I make many people proud, like when I wrote and published and launched my book, and oh my gosh it’s been selling like pancakes already; or when I truly, totally, and wholeheartedly serve God and my community; or when I just do simple things for my family like treat them to dinner (in the middle of an outpour and amidst waist-high flood). But on the other hand, I also disappoint lots of people, like clients whose requirements I fail to deliver (there are no justifications for this), my family when I don’t spend much time with them, and generally other people I’ve wronged in about a million different ways.

So. Not a Champion. Seriously.

But I try to be one. Every day, I try so hard. And I make mistakes, like, a bajillion times, but I try to make up for it and try so hard not to repeat them again. And aren’t we all like that? We try, we fail, we recover, we try again, we fail again, we recover. Again. Rinse then repeat.

So I’m starting this blog to chronicle my blunders and my successes, my defeats and my victories, my mistakes and my amendments, my shame and my pride, and a thousand other things in between.

Right now, I’m not a Champion, but I aim to be one. And sometimes, it’s not so much as being one, than becoming one. It’s the journey that matters, after all, right?

So, journey with me, my friends. I hope and pray that you try not to judge, but there’s a risk in unveiling and publishing your screw ups to an online audience. But this risk, I will take, just to be able to say to everyone that we all are Champions in God’s eyes no matter how much we fail, or screw up, or whatever it is that we humans are generally fond of doing. In God’s eyes, we are already His heroes.

It’s a matter of getting there and becoming one, on our part.

“So I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

– Philippians 3:14

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