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Inquire about the following editing services:

If you’re confident about your writing but need an eye to give it a final look, this is the service for you. I’ll give you comments and suggestions as well as look into discrepancies and error in: spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, numbered lists, table of contents, and table and figure numbers

Line Editing/Copy Editing
For this service I’ll give a standard copy editing of your work, checking for errors in tenses, number formats, gender neutrality, content, style, and consistency. I’ll ensure that your manuscript is appropriate for your target audience and suggest revisions accordingly. I will also check your diction and the formatting of your manuscript in terms of page numbers, titles, headers, and subheaders.

Substantive/Content Editing
With this type of editing, I’ll look at how well written and organized your manuscript is. In addition to proofreading and copy editing your text, I will also suggest areas that can be revised or rewritten. I will be on the lookout for: redundancies and inconsistencies, wordiness and/or triteness, vague generalizations, weak sentence style, organizational weakness & structure, clarity, over all tone, diction, tenses, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I’ll point out these inconsistencies to you and guide you in revising your manuscript.

Developmental/Structural Editing
This service involves very heavy editing and has less to do with grammar than the overall structure and development of your manuscript. This service can begin at the start of your writing process. I’ll guide you and work alongside you as you develop your plot, or I can start after the first draft revisions of a manuscript. I’ll read your document and evaluate all through the writing process until completion. This service includes: suggestions for rewriting, clarifications, noting redundancies and inconsistencies, point of view, plot point and flow of the materials, development of the plot, setting and characters, dialogue, omissions, and fact-checking.

Inquire about editing services