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Hi, I'm

I write beautiful words, and I teach people how to write, publish, and sell them.

Writing is my passion and my life, but I find greater joy in helping authors write and publish their books.

With more than 10 years’ worth of academic training and professional experience in the writing industry, and more that five years of experience in the publishing industry, I have developed an intensive program that has helped authors launch, publish, and sell their books.

I’m happy to say that all my students are not just bestselling authors—they are also world-changers, impacting thousands upon thousands of lives not just with their books, but also their businesses.



Dr. Didoy Lubaton, MD

Health Mentor, Bestselling Author of “Don’t Let Them Lose You”

I wouldn’t be able to finally write my first book if not for Karren.

She’s like a sharpener to a pencil, always there to help you write with sharpness, clarity, and purpose.

Her support inspires you, her coaching gives you confidence in writing what you really want to write.

You can sincerely feel how she pours her heart into helping you bring out the real message that you’d want to express.

Here gift to this world is so unique! She will help you to express yourself in beautiful and meaningful words.

Karren is the writing coach that you’ve been looking for.

Velden Lim

Motivational Speaker, Feast Builder, Bestselling Author of “Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin?”

I always knew God called me to write, but I don’t know how to start, what to write about and if somebody would even consider buying and reading my book. For years, I was stuck. Thank God for Karren! When she coached me and guided me, everything became crystal clear. She brought out the best in me. I was able to discover my real voice and purpose. Now, the book that I wrote has blessed thousands of people. It would not be possible without the help and coaching of Karren.

Elaine Marie Factor

Memoirist, Memoir Writing Mentor, Author of “Finding You: A Memoir on Dreams, Detours, and Destiny”

I find Karren perfect for the writing coach role. Not only does she write exquisite pieces, but she also knows well how to teach the craft. I’ve learned a lot of practical things about writing from her. Actually the first time I heard her teach, I saw how her heart burned with beautiful words. Her fire reached me, and next thing I know, I was burning the paper with my beautiful words too. And I’m still burning.


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