Better Days

Better Days

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First Book, First Blood

the story_karren

When I decided to finally write a book, The Lost Chronicles of Eden: Champions...



When we decide to learn new things We must come into it empty Ignorant...

The Sorrows and Triumphs of Writing


Writing a book is never easy. It’s probably the hardest thing you will ever...

I Must Remember to Forget


“I must always remember to forget. Otherwise, this heart that has learned to displace...



Those dreams will one day become a reality. So push harder. Do better. Run...

Champions (The Lost Chronicles of Eden, #1)

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 00.57.02

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The Deadliest Kind

Fight Your Inner Demons by mcrcrazyfan

“There are demons within. And they’re the deadliest kind.” Solomon Del’Cielo, Alpha Guardian Share...

The Catholic Goth


There is a reason why no one dared to come near me in a...

The Summons (Chapter 1 Scrapped Version)

Epic Battle

Solenn was on her eleventh demon when she received the Summons. The air shifted...