When we decide to learn new things
We must come into it empty
Ignorant but hungry for learning
Eager but humble for instruction

We fumble, we grapple in the dark
Our movements are stiff, clumsy, awkward
Like children taking their first steps we stumble
And like birds taking first flight we hurdle

But we continue taking one step after another
Until we find our footing
One flap of wings after the next
Until we find our wind


First stance – ma bu
Both feet flat on the ground
Center low, near the earth
Solid. Sturdy. Strong.
We are unmoved.

Second stance – gong bu
Lead foot bent, pointed straight
Trailing foot angled, heel lined up
Pliant. Flexible. Resilient.
We are unbroken.

Third stance – fu hu bu
We tame the tiger by dropping low
Power contained in a tight form
Bated. Quiet. Focused.
We are undefeated.

Fourth stance – zuo pan bu
From the low crouch we twist
We prepare for the next strike
Prepared. Alert. Alive.
We are unafraid.

Fifth stance – xuan ji bu
At times we need to deceive
Make them think we are still
Cunning. Tricky. Ingenious.
We are undaunted.

*wushu wallpaper credit: Wushu by Artanda

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