How to Conquer the Blank Page


You’ve been staring at it four hours, and the infuriating little cursor just keeps blinking at you, taunting you, mocking you as it appears and disappears on your screen. You ...

I Can’t Finish My Book, So I’m Doing This Instead

Learn How to Write Karren Renz Sena

 OR: WHERE I GOT THE GALL TO WRITE ABOUT WRITING *wink* One of the most presumptuous things a writer can do is to write about writing. But I didn’t say ...



The beginning is always the hardest. That moment when you are standing on the brink, on the edge, at the boundaries of what you want to do, what you can ...

The Sorrows and Triumphs of Writing


Writing a book is never easy. It’s probably the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. You will lose much and you will suffer greatly. There would be ...

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