Of Things Visible and Invisible, and the Beginning of the End

There’s a demon beside you right now.

No, really. I mean it.

You may not see it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. It hovers over your shoulder, snarling, gnarling, baring its rotten fangs, waiting for the perfect opportunity to latch on to you.

Don’t worry though. Where there are demons, there are Guardians as well.

And just in case you’re thinking that Guardians are angels, they’re not. They’re soldiers born and raised in another dimension whose main duty is to police the forces of evil that linger in the Worlds.

That’s right. Worlds.

Yours is not the only one.

Where demons appear, Guardians follow. Battles occur. Weapons clash against claws. Swords pierce through flesh. Talons rip through skin. Demons get thrown back into hell, and Guardians—forces of light they may be—sometimes die.

And it’s all happening right now, as you’re reading this, or while you’re doing your homework, or as you’re beating the next boss in the newest online RPG you’re skipping class for.

Because there are things that you see and know, things that you easily grasp with your hands or reason. You like those things — things that are tangible and easily understood.

But there are also things that escape the clutches of your limited understanding.

You Humans like to push the boundaries of your understanding, desperate to shed light on things unknown because of your fears— the unseen, the darkness and shadows, the unfathomable.

(Nowadays, what the Human mind cannot grasp, your Google can explain.)

But there is a truth hidden from your world. There are things you cannot see, creatures, concepts and ideas that you have yet to discover and make sense of.

Reality is not how you understand it. What you know is but a speck of a greater truth. There are many things in this world (and in other worlds) that have escaped the clutches of Human curiosity, and therefore have been left untouched, uncharted and undiscovered.

Until now.

I’m here to shake you up a bit and shed a little of light on the darkness that has shrouded your senses.

The things your dreams and nightmares are made of — fairies and dragons, ghosts and monsters, spirits and beasts, angels and demons — are real.

Very, very real.

As real as the air you cannot see but can breathe. As real as the love you cannot touch but can feel. As real as the demon hovering over your shoulder you cannot hear, but can sense in that part of you that remembers cowering in the shadows, afraid. Its presence is strong, palpable, like anger or fear or pain.

There is a war, hidden from you, but brewing steadily. It’s not in your world, not yet, but in a world that exists parallel to it. The world where Guardians came from.

Cielterra. My world. Because by the way, I’m a Guardian, too.

Hidden in the heart of this world is the Garden of Eden, kept there for safekeeping, away from the greedy, prying hands of those who crave power and immortality. Evil can be so cliché.

So, anyway… The Tree of Life can give you power and life eternal.

And to be honest, it’s a pain to keep it safe because there seems to be no end to the number of people willing to do almost anything to get to it. There are even those who have sold their souls for the opportunity to revive one of the Demon Majors of hell, who possesses the ability to tear through the very fabric of space and time that separates the dimensions. Sargatanas can transport anyone to any and all realms, including the hidden ones.

And Eden is exactly that. Hidden. Hidden and not displayed for everyone to see, so that no man, woman, animal, or creature, visible or invisible, can get to it because it’s. just. not. allowed.

But villains, megalomaniacs included, simply don’t seem to understand the concept of boundaries and rules. They broke into the heart of the Citadel — the impenetrable stronghold of the powerful city of Cielos, home of the Guardians, the city closest to heaven— and stole the one sword that can rip through space and time. The one sword that can unlock Gate Pandora, the portal closest to the mouth of hell.

The Sword of Sargatanas.

That’s why the Champions were called. The stolen sword was the catalyst that lit the fires of the Three Towers. There exist three keys that together can unlock the seal that imprisons Sargatanas. The first among these is the sword; next is the Heart of the Dragon, a precious ruby that beats with the lifeblood of the endangered beasts; and third is the Key of King Solomon. With the loss of the sword, the Judges knew that war was upon us.

My name is Solenn.

I am a Guardian, born, raised and trained. I was chosen as one of the seven Champions and given the task of locating the last of the seven, to be found in your world, the Human world.

War is upon us.

The fate of the Worlds — ours and yours — lies in the hands of the seven Champions.

This is the beginning of the end.

Brace yourselves.

And if you dare, join in the battle.

Excerpt from The Lost Chronicles of Eden: Champions

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