War Journal_Solenn: On Anger and Silence

Journal Entry XX01
2nd Day of the 4th Moon

Lame. Tremendously lame, this. Whoever made it mandatory to write journals in the middle of war should be tied up on a tree under the scorching heat of the midday sun and left there to dehydrate and die. 

So here’s my entry for today.

Gabriel is the lamest Guardian ever known to man. Solomon is a suck-up. Joana complains a lot. Lukas is a pervert. Mateo is an idiot. Selina is scary.


Let it be known that I don’t like writing in journals. You need to meditate and talk to your soul when you write in journals. I don’t like meditating because it’s quiet. I don’t like silence because I remember. I don’t like remembering because I get angry. You don’t want me angry.

And I don’t like talking to my soul because my soul is angry. I am afraid of my own anger. 

My anger is alive. It’s become a demon called Rage. 

This is my first journal entry.

My last, too, if I could help it.

Photo Credits: http://www.commandothefilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/old-journal-with-pen.jpg

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